Descaro Blanco

Descaro Blanco Vermouth

 Botanical cheekiness

Just looking at the bottle makes you want to taste the descaro, or cheekiness, we instil in our white vermouth. Orange, grapefruit, cardamom, bitter almond, and many other botanical additions come together to create a cheerful, fun, and complex vermouth that will surprise you with its fresh and smooth flavours.

Vermouth is a drink with deep cultural roots and there are several ways to enjoy it. Ideally, we recommend serving Descaro Blanco vermouth chilled. Add two ice cubes and, to enhance its flavours, consider tossing in an orange slice or an olive. This classic combination brings out the freshness and botanical nuances of our vermouth, offering a balanced and delicious experience.

  • 90 points – Peñín Guide 2019
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