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 A touch of exclusivity

The potency of Tempranillo, the fullness of Merlot, and the character of Cabernet Sauvignon in a perfect blend, making Summun an exceptional red wine. Carefully prepared on site, where tradition and innovation are perfectly combined to obtain an exquisite wine. This wine offers a touch of exclusivity, achieved after extracting the full potential of the grapes from our best vineyards, subjected to a long maceration and ageing process in French oak barrels for 14 months. In order to maintain the special characteristics of this wine, it has not been subjected to any stabilisation process, which means that natural tartaric precipitation may appear after resting in the bottle.


Nodus Summun is the most exclusive wine of the Bodegas Nodus brand, one of the most outstanding wineries in the Spanish Levante region. There is a limited production of this red wine. Currently, the product can be found among about 70 prestigious restaurants nationwide. Later, we will tell you where these restaurants are, starting with the most iconic ones in Valencia. Nodus Summun is one of the most outstanding wines at Casa Carmela, with Toni Novo at the helm, and it pairs wonderfully with their spectacular rice dishes.

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  • 94 points – Verema 2023 – Nodus Summun 2019
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